New TBC Wallet Instructions

Penalty for Breaking the Membership Agreement

All of your TBC wallets will be suspended without warning for up to six months if submitted documentation proves that you are attempting to or have broken the Membership Agreement. All buying and selling of TBC coins must be done at the Current Price. Selling TBC coins at a discount is strictly forbidden and punishment will be swift and without notice given. All packages of TBC coins sold adding TBC coins as a gift will also be considered a discounting of the price of TBC and will be punished. The foundation of the TBC community is the Membership Agreement and we will not allow anyone to crack it, and have zero tolerance for anyone who attempts to break it.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Please read the details on the home page and when complete click "Start Now" or select "Log In/Sign Up" from the upper right menu. step1 Step 3: Enter your email address. Be sure to use an email address you have access to and check your info before you submit. Enter your password twice to confirm. Then select the 'I'm not a robot' check mark and follow the instructions. When you have completed that task successfully you will be able to click "Sign Up". Write down your password and put it in a safe place. step2 Step 4 : When you have signed up successfully, the link will take you to the homepage and there will be a blue banner that states an email confirmation was mailed to you. Check your email. In the email you will have an activation link. You must click this link to activate your account and you'll be taken back to the sign in page to login. Please note that if this link does not work for you, copy and paste the entire link into the browser URL line. BEWARE of false emails coming from scammers. step4 Step 5: The login screen is similar to the sign up screen. Please note there are 4 links at the left of the screen. Sign up, Forgot your password?, Didn't receive confirmation instructions? and Didn't receive unlock instructions. Please use them accordingly to service your account. step5 Step 6: When you have signed in you will be directed to the Wallet Summary and Transaction page. Here you can send TBC to a TBC wallet and select the amount. You will see your TBC Address and Balance in TBC and Kringles. Below you will see your transaction history. step6 All DONE!: Your new TBC Wallet is easy to remember, no URLS to loose or complicated instructions. Just save in your favorites and remember your email address and password and you'll always have access to your TBC coins.

BUYER BEWARE: Six Month Suspension for those who are caught breaking the membership agreement!

SMART MONEY: Watch out for scammers and phishing websites...if you want to know if TBC news is real always come to the source.

Be careful with this Wallet!

Some of you may have issues with your TBC wallet.

Bitcoin WORKS, right? TheBillionCoin also works! Why? Because TheBillionCoin is 99% exactly the same computer software code as Bitcoin. There are some small differences in our code compared to Bitcoin—the 1% difference. For example, Bitcoin takes up to 10 minutes to do the 1st confirmation of a transaction; while TheBillionCoin only takes up to 3 minutes to do the 1st confirmation.

3rd party companies like have had many years to add enhancements to their web wallet software to make it even more user friendly. It’s unfair to compare TheBillionCoin software to these other 3rd party companies that have had years to make the software stronger, safer, and easier to use. We are just a baby right now. Naturally, you have to be more careful with a baby of anything than you need to be with the adult version of it, right? Do not be alarmed that repairs are needed at this time. All software starts with version 1 and then the users find ways to break version 1 so that version 2 comes to make it better. That is the nature of software development, perfectly normal to find issues in version 1 of anything.

The main reason why issues are coming up with the wallet, and some wallets need to be repaired by Admin is because the user is doing more than 1 transaction before the transaction has had enough time to confirm. You should always wait for at least 1 confirmation on a transaction before doing another transaction. It’s actually best to wait for 6 confirmations between transactions, as far as sending TBC coins goes. Wallets can receive TBC coins back to back without confirmations usually without creating an issue that calls for repair. But if the sender is doing back to back transactions, it can break the wallet, and the TBC coin balance either goes to zero or becomes hyper-inflated. If your wallet ever becomes hyper-inflated the core Bitcoin code of TheBillionCoin software will automatically purge the balance of the inflated TBC coins when the purge blocks come into the blockchain, this happens every two to three weeks automatically. Hyper-inflated wallets can be the 1st symptom of a wallet going bad. If the user continues to send transactions out too fast, then the balance of those TBC coins could be wiped out as a mining fee, and the user will have zero TBC coins. Down the road this may not be so easy to repair, because it would require all miners to be honest, and that just isn’t the case in the real world.

We will repair wallets as needed. Just fill out this form and give us one to two weeks to fix it.

How to make a TBC Wallet for your Android Phone
Step 1: Open Play Store 00-10-App-PlayStore.png Step 2: Search for “TBC Wallet” 00-11-App-SearchTBCwallet.png Step 3: Select TBC Wallet 00-12-App-SelectTBCWallet.png Step 4: Click Install 00-13-App-Install.png Step 5: Click Accept, and wait until the installation is finished. 00-14-App-Accept.png Step 6: Click Open. 00-16-App-Open.png Step 7: Click Create New Wallet 00-17-CreateNewWallet.png Step 8: Very Important! Write down your “Recovery Phase” on a sheet of paper and also in a secure place on your computer and cell phone. You will need this Recovery Phase in case you need to recover your wallet.

Step 9: Check the Box after your Recovery Phase is safe. Then click Next. 00-18-App-RecoveryPhase.png Step 10: Now verify that you have saved your “Recovery Phase” by entering it here.

Step 11: Check this Box to set up a Password to Look at your Recovery Phrase from inside the App. 000-19-App-EnterRecovPhase.png Step 12: Save your Password/PassPhrase for your Recovery Phase on a sheet of paper, as well as your computer and phone.

Step 13: Click Next. 00-20-EnterPhaseEnterPW.png Step 14: Enter a Password that you will use for each transaction.

Step 15: Click SKIP or NEXT.

Note: If you SKIP adding a Password, then your Wallet will not be protected from anybody using it that has access to your phone, or if your phone is stolen. 00-22-App-EnterPW.png
We can now choose which Coins will be held in the TBC Wallet. We proceed by selecting TBC coin and Bitcoin.
Step 1: Now Select the Crypto-Currencies that you want to use in this wallet. We will now select just the two most important for use in the TBC community, TBC Coin and Bitcoin. 00-25-ChooseTBC'BTC'LTE.png Step 2: Select TheBillionCoin and it will Highlight Blue. 00-26-ChooseTBC.png Step 3: Select the Bitcoin and it will Highlight Blue.

Step 4: Click Finished.Select which Coin you want to transact in. 00-27-ChooseTBC'BTC.png Step 5: Select TheBillionCoin. The TBC Wallet opens to the balance Tab, and the Wallet shows a Zero Balance. 00-28-SelectWalletTBC.png Step 6: From the balance Tab, you can SCROLL to the left for the Receive Tab and SCROLL right to the Send Tab; or just select the word/Tab you want go to (receive, balance, or send). 000-29-0ballanceTBC.jpg Step 7: From the Receive Tab you can find the TBC Wallet address. 00-30-RecTBC.png Step 8: To Receive TBC from another Wallet, COPY the address to the Clipboard or SHARE it directly, so you can send to somebody. 00-30-RecTBC-Next1.png Step 9: After Selecting SHARE, the Apps available to SHARE will appear below. 000-32-Rec-ShareTBC.png Step 10: The Exchange can be used only between Bitcoin and Litecoin. TBC is not any exchange because the pricing formula is not compatible with market based pricing of other cryptocurrencies. 36-ExchangeBTC'LTC.jpg Step 11: Bitcoin works the same as TBC Coin in this Wallet. -ballance.jpg
Step 1: Select which Coin you want to transact in. Select TheBillionCoin 000-28-SelectWalletTBC.png Step 2: QR Code – Face to Face transfer of TBC coins. Enter the Amount you want to you want to Receive from the other persons Wallet. The QR Code will change to reflect the amount of TBC Coins. The QR code is used by another persons TBC Wallet App, from their Send Tab to read your Wallet Address by use of their phones camera.
Note: By entering the amount to be sent from the other Wallet, the QR Code changes, but the Receiving Address remains the same. 00-30-RecTBC-Send1-QR.png Step 3: Put the Address of the TBC Wallet you received from the receiver. If this is a Face to Face transaction, then Click the QR Code button and read the QR Code on screen of the Receiving TBC Wallet. Click Send when Ready. 000-31-SendTBC.png Step 4: One Coin was Received. Check to see the details of the transaction. 000-33-1-Ballance.jpg Step 5: Transaction Details showing the 1 TBC Coin received. 000-34-Rec-1-TranX-details.jpg
How To Transfer Between Your TBC Web Wallet and Your Android TBC Wallet App.
Step 1: Open your TBC Web Wallet. 00-01-LoginWW.png Step 2: Click the SEND button to open the SEND Tab. 000-02-WW-100k.png Step 3:Type the Receiving TBC Wallet address. Step 4:Do a Test send to verify that the TBC Wallet address is correct. Enter only 1 TBC Coin to Test the Address and Click Send. 000-03-WW-100k-EnterAddress&1.png Step 5: Verify the Address and Amount. Step 6: Click Confirm button. NOTE: It is very important that you wait for at least 1 confirmation before you do another Transaction. 000-04-WW-100k-confirm-1.png Step 7: Wait for at least 1 confirmation before doing any other Transactions. 000-05-WW-100k-1confermation.png Step 8: Click Send and Enter your Address of your Android TBC Wallet. Step 9: Enter the balance of the Web Wallet less the Fee (0.0001). Or you can type the word “max” and it will calculate the maximum minus the fee. 000-06-WW-100k-send99998.png Step 10: Click Confirm to send the TBC coins. 000-07-WW-100k-confirm-99998.png This Web Wallet now shows a zero balance. This wallet is still good and can always be used. Note:
1) It is NOT recommended that you transfer all of your coins from the Web TBC Wallet to your Android TBC Wallet App. This is the field test of the Android APP. Although the internal testing shows the transferring coin works well, it is better to be act with caution.

2) The QR Codes work well to transfer TBC coins from smart phone to smart phone using the Android TBC Wallet App, The QR Codes does NOT work between Android TBC Wallet App and the TBC Web Wallet.

3) The Exchange works between BitCoin and LiteCoin, TBC is not on any Exchange and can not be Exchanges through the Exchange section of the App.